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How it Began

My soul has gone through multiple creativity crazes and obsessions throughout my life. In high school, I went through several phases of obsession in painting, drawing, darkroom photography, sewing and metalsmithing. But, of course, basically everybody was like, “What are you going to do with that?”

I became confident that I could have a career in the creative arts when I won the Regional Sterling Scholar in Visual Arts competing against 16 high schools. I received a full-ride scholarship to anywhere in Utah, and I chose Westminster College. But then, college happened and the creative dream was eventually deflated.

I started out majoring in Visual Arts, but found myself becoming so frustrated because I couldn’t seem to develop a “style.” My “style” was all over the place from realism to abstract to impressionism. I just could not develop my signature look. Not to mention basically every single person asking me again and again, “What are you going to do with that?” So, I switched my major to Communication with an emphasis in Multimedia. I jumped on the bandwagon with everybody else and decided I needed to give the art thing a breather and develop some other “real-world” skills.

After graduating, I worked at a media company and architect firm, and I seriously could not do the 9-5 office job thing. The jobs were really cool and interesting, but I just found myself getting stifled, and I dreaded looking into the predictable future 20 years and doing the exact same thing. It scared the shit out of me! Even though metalsmithing was just one of my many interests in high school, I had always had this feeling about metalsmithing. So, I started saving up and buying equipment and supplies here and there. I spent about two years practicing and experimenting before launching my brand. Mostly just dreaming, writing down goals, practicing metals, doing research, etc. Through this process I found my consistent style that I’d been searching for in college truly came out later while doing metalsmithing and designing jewelry.

After endless nights in a freezing garage, I finally felt like it was time to come out and try selling my creations. My first market was Park Silly Sunday Market. After about an hour into the market, I called my mom on the verge of tears and complete self-embarrassment that nobody was buying anything and it was stupid of me to think this was going to work. Well…that same day, by the end of the market I had almost sold out of everything and made a few thousand dollars!!! I got in my car with chills, counted my winnings and cried. At that exact point, I had this overwhelming, amazing gut feeling that I was going to be able to do this and make a living at it. I quit my job a few months later and here I am!

So, Angle is more than a creative outlet and a means for an income to me. I want my business to be a source of inspiration for people to dare to do what they desire and love and be successful at it. In my book, anything is possible, so get to it and rock it! Live Your Angle

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