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amanda mcintyre


ANGLE is more than a creative outlet and a means for an income to me. I want my business to be a source of inspiration for people to dare to do what they love and be successful at it. In my book, anything is possible, so get to it and rock it! Live Your Angle

Q & A

Where did you learn silversmithing?
Wasatch High School. Can you believe high school was actually useful for something? I did graduate from college too though!

How long have you been in business?
5 solid years and going strong!

Do you do this full-time?
Yes, thankfully. That is why I love ALL of my customers so much.

Do you really make everything yourself?
Yes! It doesn't go without body aches, Netflix, alcohol and occasional tears :)

Where do you make everything?
I have a studio room in my house in Midway, UT. Although, in the summertime my entire house becomes a studio.

Can we be friends?
We already are!

Do you just love what you do?
Words cannot describe how much I love the people I get to meet and the enjoyment of creating everyday. Honestly, I get nervous all of the time thinking about if I weren't able to have Live Your Angle and all that goes with it.

How much do you love and appreciate your customers?
My customers have seriously given me everything I've ever wanted in every sense. My thankfulness to them is infinite.

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