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If you are not sure of your size, please order a ring sizer here before placing your order. They are really easy to use and accurate, as long as you follow the instructions listed on package. Make sure it's pretty snug!


DO NOT expose to bleach, peroxide, chlorine, mineral hot springs, etc.
ABSOLUTELY, do not try to clean any of your jewelry with peroxide or bleach. It will indefinitely turn your jewelry black (especially silver). Chlorine and mineral hot springs will also turn any silver black or dingy, depending on the concentration of the chemicals/minerals. The gold you get from me, should not turn any colors under various circumstances, but it is better to play it safe!

DO soak in hot water with dish soap
Cleaning your necklace chain or stone ring can be a bit tricky. I have found this method to be extremely helpful. Get a bowl and run scolding hot water (just from the faucet) in the bowl for less than a minute with the jewelry in it. Then, drain the water out and squirt a little dish soap (Dawn) into the bowl and use your sprayer to get it nice and mixed around and bubbly. Let it sit for about 5 minutes. Rinse and dry the jewelry off and it should be a bit more shiny!

 DO shower with it
Shower with your jewelry on (that you get from me)! Your pieces will maintain their shine much better if you do :).

DO bend it back if it gets bent
If a ring gets bent, don't be afraid to woman-handle it back into shape. Or, bring it to one of the markets and I'll do my best to fix it for you.


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